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Dekeiko 14

Ever wanted a phone cover that would make you stand out and reflect your personality? Perhaps something for your tablet which is both fashionable and functional? Was it hard to find? Perhaps you haven’t looked at the right place, but now you have. Enter Dekeiko 14 – the shop that has what you’re looking for, and if not, they’ll make it for you.

Dekeiko 14 deals in specialty and hand crafted phone accessories, with the many of them sourced overseas. Most notable among the accessories found at the store are those of Korean origin. Although priced at a premium, these Korean accessories tend to be extremely trendy and eye-catching. There’s nothing like accessorizing yourself with Korean-bling on your Samsung smartphone to accentuate the K-pop diva in you!

Yumi, a helper at Dekeiko 14, tries to make sure there’s something for everybody. Hence, you’ll find cute little dust plug accessories and charms, contemporary phone casing designs and out-of-this-world accessories for those seeking to stand out in a crowd.

Being a relatively newcomer among the booth owners in Le Tresor Galleria, Shane Chew, owner of Dekeiko 14, has enjoyed much success since starting his business here. Echoing the rest of the stall operators, Shane has found that many of his customers are regulars. Of course, the sheer volume of traffic helps with exposure and sales. During the weekends and near to festive periods, Shane has to hire extra help in order to be able to attend to every customer’s needs.