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Madam Pooi – Jewel Jewel Accessories

Although the name speaks for itself, Jewel Jewel is by no means your run-of-the-mill accessory shop. Started by Madam Pooi, the store’s offering was initially that of customized accessories.

With the expansion of her customer pool, she found less and less time to personalize accessories for her buyers. Instead, Pooi now travels around the Southeast Asian region to source for unique and trendy accessories. This is by no means an easy task, as she travels on average once a month to source for materials. While this may be tiring, her passion keeps her going and this keeps her customers coming back for more. There’s always something new for the avid accessory buff.

While one would assume that Pooi’s store has a predominant young female clientele, she says people from all walks of life and all ages, visit and buy her accessories.

Pooi was quick to point out that the accessories available at her store are chosen based on her personality and liking. She says the accessories are a projection of her personality and would never put something for sale just because it’s popular or in fashion.

Being one of the earliest tenants at the marketplace, Pooi has made friends with all the newer tenants. She agrees that the location of her booth at Le Tresor Market and the market’s placement at the Curve has allowed her business to flourish. Due to the comfortable ambience, many shoppers tend to become regulars and although the volume of shoppers is large to say the least, the bulk of her customers are repeat buyers. There are also operating at Le Tresor Galleria @ Wangsa Walk ( Ground floor next to Secret Recipe).