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WSK Toys

Amanda Wong, as she likes to be called, started selling toys back in 2003 to make some extra income during the weekend. In the early years, things were tough, with business sometimes being slow and her toys not selling much. However, this equally tough lady took the challenges in her stride and emerged better for all the trials she had to face.

Amanda learnt that the toy sales scene wasn’t as simple as it seems – kids grow and their interests grow. Simply bringing in many toys of the same type and expecting them to sell would be an exercise in money wastage. She now sources her toys from all over the world. Furthermore, Amanda is also very privy to the blockbuster scene, as demand for action figures and character- based toys peak when their movies are showing.

Today, WSK Toys has a steady stream of regular customers, with some of them dating back many years. The success and return of her regular customers is a constant source of satisfaction for Amanda.